After a sex romp in the stadium, a Norwegian footballer was fired and ten others were warned : Football Prediction

Brann SK, a Norwegian first-division football team, announced on Friday that one player had been dismissed and ten others had received written warnings as a result of a late-night sex party held at the club’s stadium. Following the August 10 incident, which sparked outrage in Norway and resulted in booing from fans during a recent home game, another player has resigned. The 12 players reportedly went out to dinner before going to a nightclub and then to the stadium, where they were joined by seven women, according to various media accounts. The athletes allegedly had sex on the field and in the locker room, according to security cameras.

“The club has worked tirelessly to uncover the very significant breaches of trust by 12 of our players,” Brann stated in a statement, adding that “many rumours and speculation” were spreading.

“Breach of guidelines, general norms, corona restriction regulations, and reasonable expectations of our personnel,” the investigation found.

“As a result, we have decided to terminate one of our players and issue serious written warnings to ten other players,” general manager Vibeke Johannesen said in a statement.

Kristoffer Barmen, 28, had been with the club since he was ten years old and was fired for his “important part” in the night’s events, according to the team.

In a statement, Barmen’s lawyer Eirik Monsen claimed his client was astonished by the club’s decision and believed he was being “handled unfairly.”

Keeper Mikkel Andersen was the player who left, according to Brann, because he and his family had received threats at their home as a result of the event.

The other parties involved have yet to come forward or be named.

During the event, police are also looking into accusations of a possible sexual assault at the stadium, and one person, who has not been publicly identified, is being held as a suspect.

Brann is currently in last place in the Norwegian Elite Division with 10 points after winning only two of their first 15 league games. However, they are unbeaten in their past five games in all competitions and overcame Sandeford 3-2 at home last Sunday in the league.

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