Corrie fans in shock as Millie Gibson makes dramatic Cobbles exit

Fans think they know EXACTLY how Mick will exit Walford

EastEnders fans think they have worked out the horrifying truth behind Mick’s upcoming Walford exit.

“I still think something will happen that forces Mick to leave, rather than it be his decision”, one viewer said, adding: “Whether that’s jail or death I can’t decide.”

“I feel like Mick is going to suffer the full wrath of Janine. She won’t be directly responsible for his death but she will pass on an opportunity to save him in what will be deemed an accidental end,” a second added.

A third viewer commented: “This is what I feel, I think that Linda and Mick will reconcile, but something will happen to Mick that Janine could have intervened in and he will die.”

“My only problem with that theory is that if Mick dies then surely Lee, Johnny, Nancy and Frankie would all need to return for his funeral, which I just don’t see happening.”

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