Drunk woman BIT neighbour during vicious street row in front of crying kids

A DRUNK woman bit her neighbour during a vicious street row in front of his terrified and crying kids.

Shantell Featherstone, 46, caused the man to bleed after biting him through his T-shirt.


Shantell Featherstone carried out a drunken attack on her neighboursCredit: MEN Media
It happened on their street in Hull


It happened on their street in HullCredit: Google

She then launched at the victim’s girlfriend and in a bid to grab her throat, the woman fell to the floor suffering injuries and chipped her tooth.

Featherstone, of Huntingdon Street, Hull, carried out the attack in front of her neighbours’ children who “were upset and started crying”, Hull Crown Court heard.

Stephen Robinson, prosecuting, said Featherstone lived in the same street as the man and his girlfriend and there had been no previous problems.

On that day in August last year, Featherstone’s neighbour had heard a commotion in the street.

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He went to investigate and tried to escort Featherstone home when she assaulted him.

Mr Robinson said he “pushed her away” and “told her to go home” when his girlfriend approached trying to reason with Featherstone.

Drunken Featherstone then dragged her to the floor causing “her face [to] hit the pavement”.

Mr Robinson said: “[The victim] was angry and upset that this happened where she lived.

“She has always tried to help her neighbours and this happened in front of her children. They were shaken up after the incident.”

The woman also suffered swelling to her knee and a scrape to her arm, reports HullLive.

Featherstone told police she could not remember a lot of what had happened because she had been drinking.

Her lawyer, Rachel Scott, said she had been suffering with problems, including stress, at the time of the assault.

Judge Gurdial Singh said: “This is just drunken, loutish behaviour.

“You behaved in a loutish way. You were drunk. You may well have been under the influence of drugs.”

Featherstone was given 20 days rehabilitation.

Mr Singh added: “Your behaviour was disgraceful. To carry on like you did and to set about [the victims] in the loutish way you did is appalling.

“Do it again and you will go to prison.”

Featherstone has since moved away from the area and the couple have not had anymore issues.

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