FIFA Prediction : After losing to Qatar, India prepares for the game against Bangladesh.

The focus of Indian football players has switched; they are no longer focused on the war against Qatar. That was then. It’s currently all about the next encounter versus Bangladesh in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 preliminary joint round qualification round, as well as the AFC Asian Cup China 2023 preliminary joint round qualification round. In both India and Bangladesh, the outcomes were mixed. While Bangladesh battled back from a goal down to tie Afghanistan 1-1 and grab a point, India, despite fighting with ten men against Asian champions Qatar, won hearts but left away empty-handed.


According to Brandon Fernandes, “We’re moving forward as a group, and we need to support one another. We are conscious that everyone of us has a distinct job to play in the squad.”

“The following match is critical because we need to keep the momentum we earned in the first. The first match is in the books “According to Fernandes.

“The performance versus Afghanistan made me very happy. On the pitch, the players performed admirably and worked tirelessly. It represents this team’s mindset of coming back from a deficit and regaining control of the game “Jamie Day, Bangladesh’s coach, acknowledged it.

When the two sides meet on June 7, captain Jamal Bhuyan, popularly known as the face of Bangladesh football, who formerly played for Mohammedan Sporting in the I-League, believes it would be “an exciting battle.”

“There will be a lot of battles, so it will be tough. It’s a lovely union to be a part of. We were upset not to gain the three points the last time we played in Kolkata since India scored late in the game. We have that thirst, and we know we’re capable of causing havoc “He sighs.

“At the moment, our squad has a high level of confidence. Against Afghanistan, we had a chance to win. We’ll carry that confidence into the game against India “Jamal continues.

Despite this, Day emphasises the disparity in rankings between the two teams.

“India is an excellent squad. They are a lot higher-ranked squad than we are, and they should be defeating Bangladesh. The disparity in ranking and quality is enormous. We performed admirably in Kolkata. Looking back, I believe India had a bad time at the opulent YBK that night “He expresses himself.

“If you look at India’s most recent encounter against Qatar, they battled like warriors with 10-men and lost 0-1. It just reflects their level of excellence. The game is something we’re looking forward to. We know we have to give it our all, and we’re hoping India has another bad day “Added he.

Subhashish Bose, on the other hand, is eager to stress out that once you’re on the field, rankings don’t matter.

“We are well aware of the Bangladeshi team’s abilities. They are a team that relies heavily on counter-attacking, which makes them extremely deadly. The meetings between India and Bangladesh have always been thrilling and tight. Bangladesh is a country that we hold in high regard “Bose maintained his position.

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