Frank Lampard Bio

FULL NAMEFrank James Lampard
BORNJune 20, 1978
NATIONALITYEnglish, British


Frank British footballer James Lampard was born on June 20th, 1978, in Romford, London. He played for Chelsea and England. In his time as a midfielder, Frank Lampard is widely considered as one of the finest in the game. In his 163 straight games for Chelsea in the Premier League, Lampard is the club’s all-time top scorer.


Frank Lampard grew up around football as his father, Frank Richard Lampard, was a professional footballer. At the age of 14, he signed with West Ham United and began his professional career. In the 1994-95 season, he was a member of the team as a kid. As a result of his exceptional football abilities, he routinely took penalty kicks for the team.


To far, Lampard has played in 19 international matches for England at the U21 level, scoring 9 goals in the process. In 1999, against Belgium, he made his senior debut and the squad triumphed 2-1. In 2003, against Croatia, Lampard scored his first FIFA goal.

Ascend to the Pinnacle

In his debut international competition, the 2004 Euro Cup, Lampard was an integral part of England’s success. Against France, Croatia, and Portugal, he scored three goals.

As a result of his impressive showing, he was promoted to the national squad and went on to represent his country in the FIFA World Cup in 2006. Before England was knocked out in the Quarterfinals, he scored five goals in the competition.

Lampard scored two goals against Croatia in the World Cup qualifying match for England, which helped the team qualify for the 2010 tournament. However, Lampard was powerless to stop Germany from advancing to the Semifinals, where they faced the United States.

Negative aspects

Lampard struggled as a player on a number of times, the most notable of which being during the Euro Cup qualifiers in 2008. He failed to help England qualify, and as a result, he received a lot of flak. In addition, he incurred the fury of supporters after missing critical penalties in the 2006 and 2010 World Cup quarterfinals, respectively. He was unable to play in the 2014 World Cup and announced his retirement soon after.

Career in a Club

Lampard played 148 games and scored 24 goals during his time at West Ham United, which ended in 2001. However, he stayed with Chelsea until 2014, making 429 games and scored 147 goals throughout that time. Chelsea’s all-time leading scorer, he now holds the record for the club. For a talent like him, his later affiliations with Manchester United and New York City FC were a disaster.


In his heyday, Lampard was a dominant midfielder who set several records. The majority of his trophies were won while playing for Chelsea, including four FA Cups, the 2011-12 UEFA Champions League, and the 2012-13 Europa League.

In addition, he’s a three-time Chelsea Player of the Year, the 2008 UEFA Midfielder of the Year, and the FIFA Player of the Year Silver Cup winner from the previous year, all in the same decade. He also holds a number of additional honours, such as the British Empire’s Officer Award.


By 2016, Lampard would have proclaimed his retirement from all football activities, including international football. After his retirement, he now appears on sports shows as an expert on the game of football. He’s now a children’s author, writing about the exploits of a fictitious player named Lampardie and his magic football. In 2006, he also released his autobiography, titled Totally Lampard.

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