I have big boobs & my favorite going-out tops include one I don’t need a bra for

BIGGER chested women know how challenging it can be to find a cute and flattering going-out top.

Style influencer Monika Mancini took to TikTok to share some recommendations for supportive and stylish tops.


TikTok star Monika Mancini shared a series of new top finds for supportive stylesCredit: TikTok/monikkamancini
Monika uses her TikTok account for style finds and fashion content


Monika uses her TikTok account for style finds and fashion contentCredit: TikTok/monikkamancini

Monika started her video with a message of support saying she “knows how hard it is to find tops that fit your chest.”

The TikToker begins her video showcasing a black leather halter top that is supportive enough to ditch the bra.

The leather Solado top is also open back which as Monika describes, bigger chested women “don’t really get to wear.”

Next, Monika showcases a versatile white bodysuit from Abercrombie with long sleeves that can also be worn without a bra.

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A “cowl neck top” is another flattering option for larger-chested women that want a higher neckline.

The “cowl neck top” Monika demonstrates is a floral patterned look and can be purchased from Urban Outfitters.

Lastly, Monika showcases a grey corset top with thick enough straps to hide a bra if needed.

The top can be found at White Fox Boutique, among other corset styles.

The video has already received over 22,000 likes and some users have already taken her style tips.

One user commented “this really helped”

Another added, “I just wanna say that these videos helped a bunch! Thank you.”

Monika’s video on going out tops is one of her many TikToks where she discusses all her tips and tricks on dressing for your body type.

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