I turned my side hustle into a $735,000-a-year business – follow my tips

A 44-year-old mom has used her side hustle to go from working a full time job to making six figures.

Her secrets are shockingly easy, and they could change the way social media users earn money.


Mona Mejia started her thrifting business in 2015. She made $735,000 dollars in the last year reselling items she finds on clearance and at yard sales
The thrifting business started on Poshmark and reached new heights when she tried additional reselling platforms


The thrifting business started on Poshmark and reached new heights when she tried additional reselling platformsCredit: Getty

Mona Mejia was a little tight on cash in 2015 when her sister introduced her to clothing reselling app Poshmark.

Now she has made $735,000 in the last year selling clothing, toys, and home wares online, according to Business Insider.

The mom-turned-business owner said that she has never invested startup costs into what started as a side hustle.

Instead, she started with the clothing in her closet, then used earnings to restock her inventory.

Her first sale was a dress priced at $36 that sold 11 hours after the posting.

Before Mona knew it, “everything was selling really quickly.”

Business went into overdrive two years into Mona’s thrifting journey, when her husband had open heart surgery, Business Insider reported.

Then, pressured to be the sole income provider for her family, her earnings went from a few hundred a week up to $1,000 as tried other reselling apps for the first time.

Livestreams proved to be another succesful avenue that spread the word about her business.

With his health recovered, Mona’s husband helps her handle the business sales.

Scouring yard sales and retail clearance sections, part of her midas touch requires listing as many items as possible.

Mona discounts around 40% from the market rate of currently hot items.

For vintage items, it is more of a dice roll.

One pair of “flamingos and frogs” pants that she intially thought were “hideous” sold for $100 after she bought them for $1.

While many resellers give up, Mona said she won’t be stopped, as it took her 7 years to get to making as much as she does now.

“I love it,” she said.

“It’s an addiction to me.”

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