I was on MAFS UK and there’s a draining part of the show people don’t see

MARRIED at First Sight UK star Pjay Finch has revealed what the most “draining” part of the show is – and viewers have no idea happens.

The Dreamboys stripper, 31, claims the brides and grooms are forced by producers to repeat conversations more than once during filming.


Pjay has opened up about the intense filming experience on MAFS UKCredit: Eroteme
His relationship with wife Jess didn't work out


His relationship with wife Jess didn’t work outCredit: Eroteme

It suggests the reality TV show on E4 is more constructed than previously thought.

He’s also accused producers of purposely leaving stars hungry on Dinner Party evenings.

Pjay insists “hanger” and excessive alcohol was an issue during filming.

He told Johnny Seifert on Secure The Insecure Podcast: “Married at First Sight UK is probably the best thing I’ve ever done because I’ve learned so much about myself – how I deal with things, how I accept things, how I accept people.

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“It’s just mad because it’s ten hours a day of filming. It’s constant.

“Producers will say ‘can you do this again? Can you do it again? Can you do it again?’

“The more you do it, it’s like, ‘oh, I haven’t got the same energy as I did when I first started’.

“And it’s just it’s very, very draining. That’s the best word to use. It’s very draining.”

Jess made it clear from the start of the show that she was not very keen on Pjay, also 31.

After meeting for the first time down the aisle, Jess was very critical when she found out what Pjay does for a living.

Despite going on honeymoon and living together, she called time on the situation during the second commitment ceremony.

Giving an insight into the explosive dinner parties, Pjay added: “Sometimes at the dinner party, everything would be fine, everyone’s getting on.

“Then all of a sudden, something happens. Remember, everybody’s been drinking.

“We’ve been there all day. Everyone’s frustrated, Everybody’s hungry. It was a so much tension in one room.

“And all it took was that little fuse and it does blow up, which it did every day.

“I’ve never really done a TV show before. So I don’t know if it is like a technique they do to maybe put you in a situation where you’re hungry and then roll the camera. I’ll call it ‘hangry’, you know there’s no food so think ‘let’s drink some alcohol’.”

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Pjay last week denied being in a “secret relationship with another woman” during filming after accusations were thrown by his ex Jess.

He vehemently denied the claims, insisting: “I entered the process as a single man.”

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