I was slapped with £100 parking fine for leaving car over-hanging by 3 inches

A SHOCKED dad was hit with a £100 fine after leaving his car over-hanging a parking space by three inches.

Julian Griffiths, 59, had parked up for ten minutes as he nipped in to his local SportsDirect.


Dad Julian Griffiths was hit with a £100 fine after leaving his car over-hanging a parking space by three inches

But in a rush to grab knee-supports for his son, the civil servant left his Renault Clio at an angle meaning his motor was overhanging white lines by 7cm.

Two weeks later he was hit with a £100 fine saying he had breached parking rules.

The dad of one said: “I thought, ‘Bloody hell — they’re having a laugh’.

“Never realised it had to be perfectly square and perfectly within the confines of the bay.

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“I would understand if it was halfway in one bay and half across another bay, but they are penalising me for wonky parking — it’s mad.”

He added: “It’s clearly another example of car parking companies abusing their position to generate income.”

Julian, who parked up at Swansea’s Parc Tawe retail park, has now appealed the fine.

It comes less than a week after dad-of-two Craig Court told how he was hit with a £100 fine for the same reason — at the same car park.

He said: “I was considering appealing as my wheels are not fully out of the lines.”

Both dads were sent parking charge notices by Swansea-based Eternity Fire and Security Ltd, who have failed to respond to attempts to contact them for a comment by The Sun.

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