I went to the UK’s cheapest Greggs and I was shocked at the 75% off prices

I’M expecting mouth-watering wafts of baked treats to hit my nose as I walk into the Greggs bakery outlet in Newcastle’s West End – but to my surprise, there are empty shelves instead.

I ask workers if there are any shortages – but I’m told they’ve ALREADY sold out of many popular items just hours after opening.


The Sun’s Lucy Alderson went to check out the cheapest Greggs in the country in Newcastle’s West EndCredit: NNP
There are usually two to three "Deal of the Day" offers a week


There are usually two to three “Deal of the Day” offers a weekCredit: NNP

I’m at what is thought to be the cheapest Greggs in the country – and I’m here to see what sorts of bargains you can get.

This outlet in Newcastle was the first ever store of its kind set up by the bakery giant back in 1972, and it’s loved by local Geordies for its cheap prices.

You can pick up fan favourites like sausage rolls and steak bakes for up to 75% less than what you would pay at a normal Greggs.

Greggs currently has 27 outlet stores up and down the country – they are mainly located in the North of England and the Midlands.

Food is sent to these stores if the chain’s nearby factories have made too many batches, normal priced stores have been unable to sell all their stock, or if items are misshapen.

It means treats are sold at a discount – and customers lucky enough to live near to one come in their droves.

Greggs told The Sun that it aims to open a further three outlets this year, and by 2025, it aims to have 50 of these stores in total.

I’m here to see whether the reality lives up to the hype – and whether the offers really are as good as fans say they are.

Rock bottom prices

Greggs fan David Holland comes to the outlet store most days for his lunch


Greggs fan David Holland comes to the outlet store most days for his lunchCredit: NNP

There’s bargains to be had in this Greggs outlet store.

The best deal I spot is on hot and cold sandwiches, which both cost £2.60 less than what they do at normal stores. 

Workers tell me they’re the best sellers, which explains why they’ve already flown off the shelves by the time I arrive at the branch at 11:30am – there’s not a single one left.

Hot sandwiches are priced at £1.35 – whereas the same items can cost as much as £3.95.

Baguettes are priced from £1.05. In other stores, this can cost you up to £3.65.

You can also get a pack of four jam doughnuts for 55p, working out at just under 14p per doughnut – or three packs for £1, which is just over 8p each.

But if you went to a non-outlet Greggs store, you’d be paying 85p just for one – or £2.55 for a pack of four, which is nearly 64p per doughnut.

It’s important to note, that prices do vary based on where you live – but the savings are really big.

Fans were FURIOUS when Greggs hiked the price of sausage rolls by 5p in January – and now just one will set you back £1.25.

But for just 30p more, I spot you can buy four for £1.55 in the outlet store.

Broadband engineer Dave Holland, 52, is eyeing up a packet for himself, which he’ll have for his lunch. 

He has also picked up a pack of two steak bakes and orders a coffee too – which comes to £4.25 all together.

“It’s great value, I come here once or twice a week,” he said.

“I come here because it’s half the price of a normal Greggs.”

Deals of the day

Greggs fan Donna Rayner has picked up a Deal of the Day - four scones for £1


Greggs fan Donna Rayner has picked up a Deal of the Day – four scones for £1Credit: NNP

In the centre of the shop are nine racks of today’s “Deal of the Day – which are packs of fruit scones.

The big stack is taller than me, and you get four scones in a pack for £1.

There’s not always a Deal of the Day on offer as it depends on what stock the store gets in, one worker tells me – but there’s usually two or three a week.

Sometimes, big loaves of bread can be snatched up for just pennies.

Loyal customer Donna Rayner, 40, who is currently unemployed, has just picked up a packet, along with a hot drink, which all together cost her £2.50.

“I’m here all the time, I go three to four times a week,” she said.

“I love the doughnuts and muffins because they’re cheap and tasty.”

She says the low prices help households who are struggling for cash during a cost of living crisis, as they can still afford a treat.

“You can come here and feed your kids for next to nothing,” she said.

When to buy stock

Marie Appleby loves picking up cheap doughnuts for the grandkids


Marie Appleby loves picking up cheap doughnuts for the grandkidsCredit: NNP

If you want to get the best deals, you’d better be quick.

Staff tell me that they regularly sell out of sandwiches in the morning.

Cheese and onion bakes are also best-sellers.

Workers will come in and bulk buy them in the morning – they’ll have one for lunch and some for dinner.

Deliveries arrive in time for the store opening times, which is at 7:30am on all days of the week apart from Sunday, when the shop opens at 9:30am.

So you’ll want to set your alarm to get the best bits.

Senior care worker Marie Appleby, 50, comes in at least once a week, and tries to come in early for her haul.

Today, she’s picked up a packet of four caramel custard doughnuts for £1.25.

“The grandkids love them, I’d better pick a pack up,” she said.

“I usually pick up pasties too. Prices are very cheap here.”

My verdict

I’m blown away with the value – you can get all your Greggs favourites at just a fraction of the price.

I wish there had been a sandwich left to try, because with prices starting at just £1.05, I could have got my favourite chicken baguette for a lot less.

I only wish I lived near one so I could get my Greggs fix while budgets are tight.

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