If I saw ex-pal Vicky Pattison now I’d smile & walk past, says Charlotte Crosby

GEORDIE Shore star Charlotte Crosby has opened up about her feud with ex-pal Vicky Pattison, declaring: “If I saw her now, I’d smile and walk past.”

Charlotte, 32, and Vicky, 34, were both launched into the spotlight after the 2011 debut of the controversial MTV reality show, which was famed for its raunchy booze-fuelled antics.


Charlotte Crosby said she would smile and walk past Vicky Pattinson if she saw herCredit: Getty
Mum to be Charlotte says she will encourage her children to watch Geordie Shore


Mum to be Charlotte says she will encourage her children to watch Geordie ShoreCredit: instagram

The pair had always had each other’s backs on screen, but after Vicky quit in 2014 they became caught up in a very public spat over their rival fitness DVDs.

“Vicky’s 7 Day Slim” and “Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz” were released just a year apart.

But the competition sparked a war of words that was still blazing in 2018, when the pair traded snipes that each of their DVD titles was “misleading”.

And amid the bitter row, last year I’m A Celebrity winner Vicky claimed that filming Geordie Shore’s drunken nights out had sparked her “toxic” ­relationship with alcohol.

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Ahead of the show’s reunion series — which started last week and is said to be the last — Charlotte admitted their friendship is now completely over.

And she added: “I don’t think Vicky would have wanted to come back to Geordie Shore for the reunion, and she’s made that more than public.

“We both have very different views about the journey on the show and hers was obviously a traumatic one.

“That has been dressed up as a feud, which is fine if it entertains people.”

If I saw her now, there would be no big bust-up — I’d smile and walk past.

“If she genuinely feels the show is something to be ashamed of, and that’s her experience on the show — which was unbeknownst to any of us — then so be it.

“If that’s her true feelings, that’s her true feelings. Who am I to say anything?

“It’s just that I had a ­completely different experience.”


Discussing a cast reunion in the show with TV pals Sophie Kasaei, Marnie Simpson and Holly Hagan, Charlotte said: “There’s a couple of people I can’t really be bothered with.

“But if they’re in the room I’ll just turn my eyes.

She then named Vicky as one of those people.

And she continued: “It’s a dead weird one with me and Vicky, because it isn’t like we ever fell out.

“But when she left the show, she started making comments about us.

“And it was just this never-spoken-about feud. Don’t get us wrong, I wasn’t innocent — I did kind of gloat when my fitness DVD trebled the sales of hers.”

She then paused, and with a smile added: “Maybe quadrupled — but that’s just my ­competitive streak.”

She went on: “If you work in an office, you’re not going to stay friends with ­everyone who leaves. It’s just life.

“I don’t know if Vicky replied to the reunion ­invitation or ignored it. That’s one for the producers.”

Geordie Shore was an instant hit with millions of fans when it exploded on to our screens just over a decade ago — but its divisiveness was just as instant.

For every viewer lapping up the cast’s hard-drinking, bed-hopping kebab-eating antics, there was another who was horrified by their wild exploits.

But while other cast members including Vicky have expressed regrets about their behaviour, Charlotte, who is expecting her first child — a girl, with boyfriend Jake Ankers — remains utterly defiant.

She even said she will use the show’s footage in future to show her daughter that she has earned the right to give advice.

And she reckons her girl’s response to her on-screen exploits will be to think she is “the coolest mum ever”.

Charlotte, whose ­escapades on the series included having sex in front of pals and wetting the bed, said: “I regret absolutely nothing — yes, there was sex, drunkenness and wetting the bed.

“But if I was to meet my younger self before going on the show, I’d shake her hand and say, ‘Go off and have the time of your life’.

“People want me to say I’m devastated, that I’m embarrassed, but I’m not.

“We were falling in love, and drinking, and it went a bit further because that’s what happens. That’s real life.

“Since I’ve been ­pregnant a lot of people have asked what I think about my daughter ­watching the scenes when she’s older, and I have the perfect answer.

“When my little girl is older and crying because her heart is being broken by some ar*ehole, I’ll be like, ‘Right: Series three, episode two’.

And she’ll understand I do know what I’m talking about. She’ll also think I’m the coolest mum ever.

“I watched the first series back in lockdown and I was so in awe of how crazy I was then, I did not care.

“I was also thinking how lucky am I to have this at my fingertips.”

Charlotte says she loved that the Geordie Shore cast were just 'normal'


Charlotte says she loved that the Geordie Shore cast were just ‘normal’Credit: Rex


Charlotte added: “And do you want to know what was good about it as well?

“If you watch series one you’ll see a bunch of normal girls, all shapes and sizes, putting on their own make-up, with clip-in extensions.

“There was ­nothing fancy about us.

“We didn’t even have nail extensions. We were the most normal people ever to grace TV screens.

“Compare that to Love Island, where all you see is ­unrealistic body standards and people you can’t relate to.

“We were from sizes eight to 16, eating kebabs, rolling around, just being ­normal people.

“I look and think, ‘Good on us for not giving a s**t’. It’s a shame TV like that doesn’t exist any more.

“Lots of girls still message me today, saying, ‘I accepted the person I am from watching you on Geordie Shore all those years ago’.”

In the reunion series, Sophie added: “We didn’t care one bit, did we? I thought I was the bee’s knees back then.

“I had my tutu dress, my curves, my black hair. My make-up was a state but I thought I was gorgeous, because there was no one to tell us any different.

We were living our lives ­without the pressure of social media, and that was the beautiful thing about Geordie Shore — and us.

Charlotte went on: “If Love Island had been around then, I don’t think I would have applied. I think I would have. I just wouldn’t have got on though.

“The ­producers wouldn’t have taken us, what with our mouths and our not giving a crap. Can you imagine us on Love Island? We ­definitely wouldn’t have fitted the bill.”

The first episode of the reunion shows saw Charlotte chatting with mum Letitia — who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.

Charlotte has since told how the ­diagnosis stopped her fully enjoying her pregnancy.

But this week the star, who revealed to pals on camera in the new episodes that she was expecting, told how she is now embracing all her emotions.

She said: “I’m really excited, but I’m nervous too. It’s such a wild journey that sometimes I don’t really know how I feel. I’m excited but scared.

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“What I’m scared about is that it won’t come naturally to me. I ask my friends, ‘Will it all come naturally?’ because I’m worried that I’ll panic.

“But they have all reassured me that I’ll be OK. I just need to think to myself, ‘I’ve got this’.”

Vicky Pattinson is not part of the Geordie Shore: The Reunion Series


Vicky Pattinson is not part of the Geordie Shore: The Reunion SeriesCredit: tom van schelven
  •  Geordie Shore: The Reunion Series began streaming on Paramount+UK and on MTV on September 20.

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