I’m a Hooters girl – Inside my huge uniform haul & the strict rules

A HOOTERS employee has revealed the inside secrets on the restaurant’s strict rules for their servers.

NikkiBeth, @nikkibethfit on TikTok shared the ultimate Hooters uniform secrets in a video, in response to a follower who asked her to show off the entire uniform line for the workers.


NikkiBeth showed her TikTok followers her entire Hooters uniform collectionCredit: TIKTOK/nikkibethfit
She explained which parts of the uniform the girls are to obey strict rules on, and which pieces give them a little more agency


She explained which parts of the uniform the girls are to obey strict rules on, and which pieces give them a little more agencyCredit: TIKTOK/nikkibethfit

“It is Texas Tuesday or Two-step Tuesday, whatever you want to call it. So, it’s cowboy boots and daisy dukes,” she said, introducing the outfit she had on.

The TikToker revealed that she works on the corporate side of the restaurant.

While showing off her haul she explained why Hooters girls wear what they do on each day, what the deal is with their bowties, and how to get the best fit from their new shorts.

“We aren’t allowed to wear the uniform out in public,” she confided to her followers the strict rule.

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“Anyone that you see out in public wearing the uniform more than likely isn’t a Hooters girl. Or, they’re hoping and praying they don’t get caught, because it’s not good.”

She introduced her non-slip white shoes, calling them “nasty.”

“All-white Sketchers, these are non-slip. Are they the most comfortable, are they the cutest things? No.

“But, they’ve been like a style part of the uniform forever. If you wanna buy me new ones, they’re 45 bucks.

“Feel free to Venmo me.”

A commenter gave insight on how to get the shoes to be sparkly white again.

They said: “Use magic erasers on the white shoes. They will be white again.”

NikkiBeth replied, “Love this!”

Next, she shows off two Hooters-branded carrying pouches.

The brown pouch is for “orange and white days.”

On Fridays, they currently wear the black pouch because it matches the black uniform.

Hooters’ classic tank top is the next item in the uniform haul.

Showing off both the front and back, she said: “They used to say ‘delightfully tacky yet unrefined. Now, they say ‘Hooters makes you happy’.”

Both are Hooters’ terms.

In the comment section, one TikTok user claimed their sister was an original Hooters girl said that a different slogan used to dominate the uniform’s space.

“The shirts originally said ‘More than a mouthful’ on the back,” they explained.

NikkiBeth emphasized how diffcult the tshirts are to get on.

“If you ever see girls trying to get into this shirt, we struggle,” she said of the next item, an iconic Hooters t-shirt.

A long sleeve shirt is shown right after the t-shirt, boasting the same design.

This is where the benefit of choice comes in for the Hooters girls.

“There is no rhyme or reason. We are not standardized to wear any of these shirts…

“If it’s cold, I can wear the long sleeve. If it’s the middle of summer and our air conditioner is broken, I can wear the tank top.

The newest top is a sporty crop that loosely resembles a football shirt or baseball tee.

Long sleeves, tank tops, and the new crops are all considered “white shirts” that the Hooters girls can wear any day of the week excluding Fridays.

On Friday, its a blackout in the restaurant and servers must only wear dark-colored uniforms.

For cowgirl days, only the traditional whites are allowed, not the new crop tops.

When it comes to the legendary orange shorts, NikkiBeth compares the older version to “dancer or volleyball shorts”.

She said: “They’re no different than the shorts I wore for gymnastics practices.”

A new version of the shorts is a higher cut, and she recommends going up a size for them to have the best fit.

Formal Friday gives girls the option to wear their black bowtie with their uniform.

She spilled that it was a requirement for Hooters girls in the days of the original Hooters Hotel in the 1970s to wear the neckpieces with their uniform.

The entire lineup of black uniforms mirrors that of the white options: a tank top, a long sleeve, a tee shirt, and black shorts.

Bartenders in the restaurant and bar wear the black version of the uniform every day of the week, according to NikkiBeth.

On army days, when the restaurant honors present and past members of the military, a camouflage version of the uniform is worn by the workers.

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