I’m a mobiles expert – you may be surprised to know when’s BEST to buy an iPhone

EVERYONE knows iPhones are pretty pricey but there are tricks to bring the cost down.

For the brand new iPhone 14, you’re looking at £849 minimum.


iPhone 14 was only launched a couple of weeks agoCredit: AP

Deals can fluctuate throughout the year, with some decent discounts often available during sales events such as Black Friday and Boxing Day.

The launch of a new iPhone also causes a spike in interest for the previous device, with a knock-off effect on pricing.

Ru Bhikha, mobiles expert at Uswitch.com, shares some ways you can save.

The important thing to know is that Apple unveils its latest gadgets several times a year, with launch events in early spring and autumn.

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There’s also and the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in the summer.

The flagship iPhone series is usually in September, while the budget iPhone SE tends to be launched at the spring event.

Prices are at their highest immediately after a launch, with lots of hype but few money-saving deals on the market.

Despite the regularity of iPhone launches, consumer interest can continue well into the next year, meaning the best deals don’t arrive until the spring and summer.

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Don’t buy the previous iPhone just before the new iPhone’s launch event, as you’ll miss out on the best deals.

Do I need to buy the latest iPhone?

iPhone changes from year to year are fairly incremental and rarely radically deviate from their successful formula.

If you don’t need the very latest tech, you will find it considerably cheaper to buy the previous handset.

Apple also rolls out software upgrades to previous devices, meaning you’ll still get many of the new features being unveiled.

When a new iPhone hits the shelves, it pushes down the price of the previous handsets.

An iPhone 12 with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage cost £619.99 on the day the iPhone 13 range was launched in September 2021, yet within three weeks it was available for £549.99 – a discount of over 10 per cent.

You’re likely to quickly find better deals on the Apple store and from network providers.

Don’t forget refurbished

If you’re fine with the idea of having a second hand device, refurbished iPhones are a great way to save money.

Refurbished phones are tested the same way as new devices, and some will have been returned without ever being used.

For added peace of mind, they typically come with a one-year guarantee.

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“Don’t forget your current device will still have some value and could be used to help fund your new handset,” Bhikha said.

“Apple estimates that an iPhone 13 is worth up to £420 as a trade-in – cutting the cost of the new iPhone 14 in half for those wanting to upgrade.”

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