I’m an appliance expert – people are only just realizing my 3 dishwasher tips

USING your dishwasher isn’t as simple as loading and unloading – there’s more to it than you think.

Appliance repair technician Renae outlined the three dishwasher tips you probably don’t know but are important.


Appliance technician Renae outlines the three dishwasher mistakes you may be makingCredit: TikTok / renduh
You have to use rinse aid and clean the dishwasher's filter


You have to use rinse aid and clean the dishwasher’s filterCredit: Getty

TikTok user Renae provides her viewers with must-know tips and tricks to use on their appliances.

She posted a video discussing the three most common mistakes she notices people making when it comes to using their dishwashers.

And the first mistake is not using a rinse aid.

“In 99% of cases, if your dishwasher is not drying your dishes all the way and you are not using rinse aid, that’s why,” Renae explains.

New dishwashers can’t get as hot as they used to because of safety regulations.

This means the appliance doesn’t dry your dishes as well, so they rely on a rinse aid.

You can get rinse aid on Amazon for as low as $4.47.

The second mistake you can make is never cleaning the dishwasher filter.

“That filter is meant to catch anything you don’t want going into your drain pump and clogging it,” Renae says.

“So, if you’ve never cleaned it before, not only is your dishwasher going to develop a smell, but if you never clean it, all that gunk can build up, and it may not drain properly.”

Lastly, the third mistake includes cleaning off your dishes too much and too little before putting them in the dishwasher.

You may not have known, but dishwasher detergent is enzyme-based and works to eat at the food left over on your dishes.

Don't clean off the dishes too much or leave a lot of food on them before you put them in the dishwasher


Don’t clean off the dishes too much or leave a lot of food on them before you put them in the dishwasherCredit: Getty

However, Renae explains that if there is none on your dishes, the detergent will start to “eat at” your dishwasher’s parts.

At the same time, you can’t leave all the food on your finished dishes.

“Make sure you scrape off anything bigger than a grain of rice,” Renae says.

Renae’s viewers thanked her for sharing the mistakes they didn’t even realize they were making.

“Hi Renee. Just a quick thank you for sharing your knowledge and making it fun to learn,” one fan commented.

Another person wrote: “I appreciate your videos SO MUCH…Thank You.”

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