I’m size 16 with a stomach – I tried on viral Kim Kardashian Skims dupe

A LOS Angeles digital creator and fashion influence has discovered the perfect Amazon dupe for a Skims favorite.

TikTok user @plussizeminiskirt, who dubs herself the CEO of plus-size girls, found a dupe of Kim Kardashian’s brand’s Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress.


The TikTok user dubs herself the CEO of plus-size girlsCredit: TikTok/@plussizeminiskirt
She shows off a dupe of the Skims' Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress


She shows off a dupe of the Skims’ Soft Lounge Long Slip DressCredit: TikTok/@plussizeminiskirt

The plus-size fashionista shared footage of herself trying on the dress and the results she wasn’t expecting.

She captioned the footage: “Is it the body or the dress?

“Viral Skims Slip Amazon dupe on a size 16 w/ a stomach!”

TikToker @plusssizeminiskirt revealed her height is five feet two inches, her weight is 216 pounds, and her size is 16.

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The plus-size influencer was comparing Amazon’s AnotherChill Women’s Casual Lounge Slip Long Dress, worth only $24.99, to the Skims Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress, worth about three times more at $78.

Before showing her viewers what she looked like in the dress, @plussizeminiskirt shared a clip from TikTok user @rahelbrhane_ in a black slip dress.

She explained: “She looks amazing, stunning. So we’re going to see – is this the body, or is this the dress?”

“I’m going to try it on with my size 16, with a stomach, and just see if the dress is still dressing,” the fashion guru added.

Once she put on the dress, her eyes lit up with excitement and she said: “Now hold on. I still have my stomach, I have no spanks or anything on, but… I mean!”

It appeared she was happy with the outcome.

TikTok users also flooded the comments section and praised her for looking like an “absolute QUEEN.”

One of her followers commented: “The dress is definitely dressing!!!”

Another said: “You look so cute. I want to wear that. You’re making me jealous!”

“The dress is dressing for sure, no awkward panty lines, smooth all around, hugging everything nicely, yes yes yes,” wrote a third.

TikToker @plussizeminiskirt resplied to one user saying that she thinks she’s going to live in this dupe dress.

When one user suggested a person who doesn’t have “the body” won’t look good in it, @plussizeminiskirt said: “Well she and I have very different bodies and I’m happy with the way I look in it.”

In regards to the length of the dress, she explained it was “surprisingly good.”

She added: “I don’t need heels or anything for it, I’m going to wear it with flats.”

In regards to the length of the dress, she explained it was 'surprisingly good'


In regards to the length of the dress, she explained it was ‘surprisingly good’Credit: TikTok/@plussizeminiskirt

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