India vs Morocco Live Score FIFA U 17 Women’s World Cup 2022: IND look to add sheen to debut

India vs Morocco, FIFA U17 WWC live: Hello and welcome!

It was never going to be pretty. Almost every team in this tournament would have at least eight years on the Indian players as far as experience of playing this sport competitively goes on an average. In the way that the global average for professional football players to start playing in countries that tend to qualify for any World Cup is about 3-5 years old whereas in India, that average age increases to 7-9 years old. The development becomes even more skewed in the case of women’s football because of the lack of any real structure on that front in the country for so many years. In this game, India have a chance at avoiding another rout. Considering the sheer disadvantage they have on so many levels, a good show from them is to be applauded. 

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