‘Ishant ne gaali diya but MS Dhoni…’: Kamran Akmal recalls 2012 episode during India vs Pakistan match

India versus Pakistan cricket contest have been witness to quite a few clashes on the field and former Pakistan cricketer Kamran Akmal recalled a couple of such high tempered moments where he had a heated exchange with fast bowler Ishant Sharma and opener Gautam Gambhir.

Speaking on the YouTube channel ‘Nadir Ali Podcast’, Akmal first recalled the 2009 episode between him and Gautam Gambhir and said that it was a complete misunderstanding.

“That was complete misunderstanding. It was an Asia Cup match in 2009. Saeed Ajmal bowled, there was an appeal for caught-behind from me. It was given not out. Gambhir said something in a hilarious way, but because of the hype around India-Pakistan matches…he did not any cuss words. If I am not wrong, he said that to himself, but I felt it was directed towards me,” he said.

However, Akmal recalled another exchange with seamer Ishant Sharma during the 2012 series and accused the lanky Indian seamer of abusing him and revealed that it was MS Dhoni who intervened to diffuse the situation.

“Ishant Sharma did abuse, but also received them back in plenty (Ishant ne gaali diya par baad mein usko bhi bohot pada). MS Dhoni, who was the captain of the team, such a nice person, and Suresh Raina came and settled it down. India were losing and it happened in heat of the moment. Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez were playing very well so he was furious,” he said.

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