Parents mocked for baby’s ‘TERRIBLE’ name and say his brother’s is ‘just as bad’

THESE parents were mocked for their “terrible” baby name, which “sounds like a nudey mag” and their other child’s name was “almost as bad.”

Reddit users gave their harshest criticism on a thread dedicated to “awful names and naming culture,” with one family bearing the brunt of the jokes.


A couple was mocked on Reddit for the unique names they gave their sonsCredit: Instagram/@themomspecialist

One user shared a screenshot from TikTok, showing a couple with their three children.

“When Furman was born, I knew he would outgrow Forbes, but I never dreamed of how strong their bond would be,” read the onscreen text of the TikTok.

The newborn son was Furman and his four-year-old brother was named Forbes.

The couple also has a daughter, but her name wasn’t shown on the screenshot.

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The post received 63 comments, with many mocking the couple’s names for their kids.

“I know it’s a surname, but I just see Fur Man,” wrote one user. “Good name for a cat, not so much a human.”

“Another example of why I hate surnames as first names…” wrote another.

The name “Furman” really had commenters up in arms.

“Not a fur baby but a fur MAN.”

One person even said the names sounds like “the name of an old nudey mag.”

Others compared it to the business magazine of the same name.

“Forbes? Like the website? I’m pretty sure that’s a website,” said one person.

“I was thinking the same thing. You named your baby after an economic news website? People are crazy.” said another.

The comments with the highest ratings, however, had to do with the couple’s unnamed daughter.

“Did they just totally ignore the other kid?” read a comment with over 200 upvotes. 

“‘And our daughter, Forgotten,’” read a reply.

The children’s mother, Jamie Babb, who has nearly 40,000 followers on TikTok, didn’t find any jokes about her kids’ names funny.

“If you’re here to comment on my child’s name I encourage you to spend your time researching and being vocal on what’s going on in the world instead,” she wrote in a pinned comment.

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