Sergio Aguero claims Lionel Messi considering a move back to Newell’s Old Boys

Former Argentina player Sergio Agureo claimed that Paris Saint Germain (PSG) superstar Lionel Messi is considering a move back to his boyhood Argentinan club Newell’s Old Boys in Rosario, Santa Fe.

The 34-year-old speaking on UOL said, “He is seriously considering the possibility of playing for Newell’s,”

Another Former Argentina player Maxi Rodriguez had to step in before Aguero revealed too much, saying, “Kun is Kun. He can’t keep quiet. We will see.

“It is hard to talk about this because then a giant ball of rumours is made. Let’s wait and see what happens. We will not get ahead of the facts.” he added.

Earlier in the week According to a report in L’Equipe, Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, reportedly met with the PSG management on Wednesday to discuss the contract extension.

L’Equipe added that Inter Miami could sign Lionel Messi in the summer. David Beckham founded Miami, and Messi could grow his brand in America.

Messi has a home in Miami and is known to holiday there regularly.

Last month, Miami coach Phil Neville spoke about a move for Messi and said, “We want to bring the best players in the world to this club, and he is probably the best player, so for us, the landscape has not changed at all.”

“With any deal for any DP (Designated Player) of that level, it’s complicated. It takes time,” he added.

PSG is set to offer Messi a two-year contract, reported. When Messi joined PSG in 2021, the two-year contract had an option of an extra year.

However, the return to Barcelona could be an emotional one.

According to multiple reports, Messi and Barcelona president Joan Laporta fell out, but the relationship is on the mend. Messi, who played for Barcelona for nearly two decades, had left Barcelona in tears after the club said in an official statement that it could not ‘formalize a new contract’ because of economic and cultural obstacles

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