The German Portal For iGaming Now Has An International Edition

The leading German Gambling News, Casino Review, and Casino Bonus Portal has launched its new Edition for the audience who speaks the English language.

This site has been a go-to site for gamblers who live in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but now it can help gamblers from other countries as well. The site will be available in most English-speaking countries. That also means that people will have the chance to search for the Best Online Casinos in India on this site. English gamblers just got a wonderful ally.

The Site Has A Wonderful Reputation

When it comes to sites that give reviews and opinions on gambling sites, trust is the most important thing. That is why people are happy to hear that this site is trusted by many gamblers in the countries we mentioned and has many loyal readers every month. Now, the successful team wants to cater to an international English-speaking audience. They are happy to say that the English-language version is online, fully functional, and available on all devices with a special technological focus on mobile device access.

Top Features and Usability

Many betting and gambling enthusiasts are wondering what kind of features will they see at the English version of the site. Casino Plus Bonus features exclusive and timely news regarding the casino industry, game producers, new games, and interviews with people from this scene. Also, the website has a team of casino specialists that review the online casino providers and provide a rating for the casino games and sites. That means when you read on this site that an online casino is good and worth your time, you can bat that is true.

The Statement Of Jack Bannon, Editor in Chief of the English Edition

“The English-language version of Casino Plus Bonus is a very challenging and motivating undertaking. We are starting from an influential position with credible brand recognition crossing over from the German language versions of the portal. We are already taking the different cultural and behavioral particularities of an international audience into consideration, as well as recognizing the multiple regulation frameworks across various jurisdictions. Naturally, our goal is to consistently keep readers fully informed on developments in their respective market and offer the best casino promotions available to our audience.”

It is safe to say that this seems pretty promising for the English audience.

The English-speaking online casino enthusiasts will have a wonderful chance to search for the best games and sites on this portal. This will provide them with articles, news, and reviews that are trustworthy. This means that people who browse this site will manage to stay safe when searching for the best online casinos.

Casino Plus Bonus features exclusive and timely news covering the casino industry, games producers, new game releases and interviews with personalities from the gambling/iGaming scene. Furthermore, the website has a dedicated team of casino testing specialists that review the online casino providers and provide a rating for the online casino establishment being evaluated. Adding to all of this, the new English-language portal pays particular attention to special promotions (no deposit bonuses and free spins) to which every promotion is tested and validated before it is published to the target audience.

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