Today football match winner : Chile’s football squad fears Argentine spies, prompting a drone battle

When it comes to football rivalries, the one between Chile and Argentina is one of the most ferocious.

So it’s no surprise that when Chile’s national squad noticed a drone hovering over a training session, it suspected its opponent of spying ahead of the World Cup qualifier on Thursday.

The squad launched their own drone, which quickly downed the “spy-cam.”

The drone, rather of being a sly Argentine gadget, turned out to be from a Chilean energy firm.

The incident occurred only days before the two teams were set to face off in a World Cup qualifying match on Thursday.

The Chilean squad was practising at the Juan Pinto Durán stadium in Santiago when the drone was noticed.

According to local media, Chile’s manager, Martn Lasarte, opted to send up a drone belonging to the Chilean squad to investigate the strange object.

The two drones collided in a “accident,” according to Chile’s National Professional Football Association, but reporters on the scene believe it was a purposeful act.

Instead of foiling an eavesdropping effort, the Chilean crew discovered that they had taken down a gadget operated by energy provider Enel, which claimed to be checking on street lights.

Radio Agricultura reporter Cristian Alvarado shared footage of the two drones in the air and how they were collected.

Drones have been used to spy on football teams in the past, and football managers have complained about it. After a drone hovered above the French training camp in Brazil before of their opening World Cup game against Honduras in 2014, France manager Didier Deschamps requested an inquiry from Fifa.

Honduras accused Australia of spying on its players during preparations for a World Cup qualifier with a drone in 2017. The team shared video of the event on Twitter.

There have even been reports of snooping at prestigious clubs. Werder Bremen confessed flying a drone above Hoffenheim’s training grounds in 2018 and apologised for “any concern this may have created” among the team’s players.

While charges of drone espionage have grown increasingly widespread, some managers continue to use more traditional means.

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