Tories in row with PayPal bosses over the shut down of campaigners’ accounts

FUMING Tories have demanded PayPal bosses explain why they shut down the accounts of controversial campaigners.

A free speech row erupted when the online firm terminated contracts with lockdown sceptics and anti-woke groups.


Over 40 politicians — including ex-Cabinet minister Michael Gove — want the Government to consider laws to prevent campaign groups being punishedCredit: PA

More than 40 politicians — including ex-Cabinet ministers Michael Gove, David Davis and Sir Iain Duncan Smith — want the Government to consider laws to prevent campaign groups being punished.

In a letter to Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg, they had “serious concern” about the break with Free Speech Union and Daily Sceptic.

The MPs and say: “These are respectful and respectable campaigning groups operating fully within UK law.

“It is therefore hard to avoid construing PayPal’s actions as an orchestrated, politically-motivated move to silence critical or dissenting views on these topics within the UK.”

“They want ministers to consider introducing tougher laws to prevent campaign groups being punished for expressing lawful views.

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“And that the government should demonstrate its “commitment to free speech” by demanding PayPal explains its actions.”

PayPal said it would “discontinue our relationship” with any acceptable use policy violators.

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