Watch as crazed SUV driver accelerates away with a woman clinging to their ROOF

A SHOCKING video caught the moment an SUV tried to run down a woman at a petrol station.

The footage was taken on the station’s CCTV system and begins with a woman having an altercation with the SUV ‘s driver.


This woman was having an altercation with an SUV driverCredit: INSTAGRAM/@IMJUSTBAIT

Uploaded to the @imjustbait Instagram channel, the video shows the woman trying to open the driver’s door of the SUV.

But before she can, the driver roars off and out of shot causing her to stumble a little.

She and a few other women then walk towards where the SUV is heading, but what happens next is unbelievable.

The driver has turned around and tries to mow down the woman in a savage attack.

However, the woman jumps up and onto the SUV’s bonnet, before nimbly running up onto its roof.

Once on the roof, she manages to cling onto the SUV’s roof bars as it accelerates away wildly.

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She hangs on as the SUV heads to the far side of the fuel station and turns left nearly hitting another car in the process.

They make their way around the forecourt and back the other way as the SUV speeds back across the shot and disappears.

The woman is still managing to hold on to the roof bars as the SUV drives out of shot.

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Nobody could believe the skill of the woman to jump on onto the roof of the SUV.

One person in the comments said: “Woah! She needs to be in the movies now!”

Another said: “Spidey senses were tingling heavily on this one 😮”

A third said: “She hopped on that bonnet like a greyhound 🐕 😂. Someone’s been taking their cod liver oil.”

The SUV drives at the woman but she jumps up as it approaches


The SUV drives at the woman but she jumps up as it approachesCredit: INSTAGRAM/@IMJUSTBAIT
With incredible skill, she runs up onto the SUV's roof


With incredible skill, she runs up onto the SUV’s roofCredit: INSTAGRAM/@IMJUSTBAIT
The SUV roars off with the woman still clinging to its roof bars


The SUV roars off with the woman still clinging to its roof barsCredit: INSTAGRAM/@IMJUSTBAIT
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