We had a gender reveal for our identical twins — but it left everyone shocked

A COUPLE has revealed how they hosted a gender reveal party for their identical twins – only to discover that they weren’t having identical twins at all.

A TikTok account shared the video where the happy couple were all smiles as they gathered their friends and family to discover whether they would be welcoming sons or daughters to the world. 


The couple were excited to see the sex of their babiesCredit: TikTok/@ideal.gender.reveal
They thought they were having twin boys


They thought they were having twin boysCredit: TikTok/@ideal.gender.reveal

The couple had been told they were expecting identical twins and both had an inkling that they’d be having two boys to join their older son.

And it seemed that their prediction had been correct when they were handed the confetti cannon that contained either blue or pink pieces of confetti.

As they pulled the tab, the garden was filled with blue confetti and the text above the video read shared their reaction.

It read:  “Laughing as we already have a boy and we were pretty sure, like everyone else, we were having another two boys.”

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But, just as the celebrations were beginning, the couple looked confused as they were handed another confetti cannon to pull.

One of the guests could be heard saying in the background: “Spanner in the works here.” 

And he was right, as this time when they pulled the tab, the grass was filled with pink confetti – and the mum and dad ‘s jaws dropped.

While their guests all cheered, it dawned on the duo that they weren’t expecting identical twins like they had been told from their twelve week scan.

After the video was shared on social media, TikTok users flocked to the comment section to have their say on the rare situation. 

One wrote: “Congratulations! You both looked so shocked.”

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A second even said they’d found themselves in a similar position. 

They wrote: “I was told my twins were identical. Wrong!!!”

However, they were then handed another confetti cannon


However, they were then handed another confetti cannonCredit: TikTok/@ideal.gender.reveal
And they found out they were having one of each


And they found out they were having one of eachCredit: TikTok/@ideal.gender.reveal

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