Who is Calfreezy from The Sidemen?

CALFREEZY first found fame when he joined YouTube to share gaming videos.

From posting his first ever video, the YouTuber could never have imagined how the channel would be the start of a successful career working with The Sidemen.


Calfreezy (left) is an English YouTuberCredit: YouTube

Who is Calfreezy?

Calfreezy, born November 17, 1994, is an English YouTuber who often collaborates with the Sidemen.

He is best known for posting vlogs, challenges and prank style videos to his channel – most of which involve the Sidemen.

Calfreezy first joined the YouTube world on April 19, 2010 – where he would post videos featuring the game Call of Duty.

And it didn’t take long for him to jump on the FIFA video bandwagon as he started posting primarily about the soccer game in February 2011.

To date, his YouTube channel ‘Calfreezy’ boasts an impressive over 4 million subscribers.

And Calfreezy hasn’t stopped there – he is also one of the hosts of the number one UK podcast The Fellas Podcast, alongside fellow YouTuber Chip.

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His other ventures also include a vlogging channel called “More Calfreezy” that he started in February 2015 and his own merchandise line.

What is Calfreezy’s real name?

Calfreezy’s real name is Callum Leighton Airey.

However, he is better known by his online nicknames Calfreezy or Freezy.

When did Calfreezy join The Sidemen?

The Sidemen group was officially formed on October 19, 2013, and they soon began posting content.

However, Calfreezy has not been announced as a regular member of the group.

Instead, he is known as a friend and associate of The Sidemen and more recently became an assistant to KSI.

He also captained the Youtube Allstars in the Sidemen Charity matches of 2016 and 2017.

Callum lived in a house with Sidemen members Wroetoshaw and Callux in Bermondsey, Central London.

Prior to that the three previously lived together in an apartment in the Stratford Halo Tower – which is best known as the home of many of the Sidemen members.

The group currently consists of:

Zerkaa / Josh Bradley (2013—present)

Miniminter / Simon Minter (2013—present)

TBJZL / Tobi Brown (2013—present)

KSI / Olajide Olatunji (2013—present)

Behzinga / Ethan Payne (2013—present)

Vikkstar123 / Vikram Barn (2013—present)

Wroetoshaw / Harry Lewis (2014—present)

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