Who will win Fifa 2022 :Premier League teams won’t release players for red-list games

After much deliberation, the Premier League’s teams have agreed not to release players for red-list fixtures in September.

The 10-day isolation time needed upon return to the UK would force players to miss multiple games.

While “intensive discussions” with the Football Association and the government “to find a solution” were held, “no exception” was given.

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A move by top-flight teams would affect almost 60 players from 19 clubs who are scheduled to visit 26 red-list nations, it said.

In a statement, Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said: “Premier League clubs have always supported their players’ desire to represent their nations.”

“Clubs have regretfully but correctly concluded that releasing players under these new conditions would be unacceptable.

“Quarantine regulations have a major effect on athletes’ wellbeing and fitness. We recognise the difficulties of the international match schedule and are open to solutions.”

For players needed to quarantine upon return from international service, the Premier League stated the decision “follows Fifa’s existing stance”.

A quarantine would also prevent players from “preparing for and playing in two Premier League match rounds, a Uefa club competition matchday, and the third round of the EFL Cup”.

World Cup qualifiers were postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic, therefore Fifa has extended the September and October international windows by two days in South America.

The two-day extension provided “sufficient relaxation and preparation time between matches,” according to FIFA.

Matches may now be played on September 9th and October 14th, with players freed for 11 days.

This decision “places extra international responsibilities on players from that area, limiting their availability to represent their clubs,” according to a Premier League meeting.

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